Drowning Suns derive from Aschaffenburg in the middle of Germany, following their calling to strive to the top of Rock. 

They elegantly understand to make use of elements of alternative rock and modern pop by using one legendary producer Samson (He worked live with Scorpions, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Saxon, BAP and many more). 

Combining catchy vocals, hard guitar riffs, modern grooves with just the right amount of synthetic loops and sound effects, Drowning Suns are pushing the door just a little bit more open into a new and fresh world of modern rock music. 

From 2012 till today Drowning Suns were performing several concerts on popular local events of the Frankfurt am Main area in order to put their live experience just up a notch and get ready to understand how the audience would react to their music. 

Their intense focus on gaining more fans led to several interviews in regional and national news & radio stations. Charged up by their fans positive feedback at the concerts, more listeners following the radio broadcasts and the guys from the radio stations, Drowning Suns moved on to record and produce their debut album You Are back in 2013.  


The recordings of You Are were done at Bader-Studios and Atlantis-Studios. Sven (Samson) Geiger then invited them into his analogue studio in Stuttgart. He was therefore in charge of the recordings, mixing and mastering of the tracks on You Are. The first album was released in June 2015. 


In 2015 Drowning Suns took part in the biggest international festival for unsigned bands, Emergenza. In the competition of the festival they made it quite far!



After several performances at well known venues, such as Nachtleben, Das Bett, Batschkapp, Colos-Saal and many more, the demo songs for the second album Tears won't fall were finished. The studio recordings started off in March 2016. This time, singer and songwriter Steffen Brunner decided to do the recordings, mixing and mastering at his own studio. The second album contains 15 strong rock songs with lots of variety. The band increased their potential and grew much deeper into their style of music, which you will hear, concerning the songwriting and the way they sound. The album Tears won't fall was released on November 25th 2016 worldwide. For the first single Liar they finished their music video just right on time, due to the CD release. 



Currently, the band is booking their concerts for 2017. So, if you're an operator or organizer of rock shows or festivals and got interested in Drowning Suns, don't hesitate and contact us. But it's shure, that you will hear a lot of the band in 2017.